Rubber track paver offers three screed choices

Vogele America’s new 880 RTB asphalt paver uses a continuous rubber track drive system to deliver a smooth ride. Standard features include power-actuated flow gates with material indicator lights, proportional controlled feeders with sonic feed sensors, automatic throttle and hydraulic auger height adjustment. The paver’s fume extraction system provides a comfortable environment for operators without inhibiting their view of the auger and asphalt mix. Three screeds are available for the 880RTB. These include the Pro-Pave Series ES 80B screed with an 8- to 14-foot length and extensions up to 17 feet, the Carlson EZ-IV 815 all-electric screed for paving to 15 feet with optional extensions to 17 feet, and the FS 80B fixed screed which can be equipped with 3-by-3 hydraulic extensions or the Carlson EZII heated and vibrated hydraulic extensions.