Repairs begin on Miller Park’s noisy retractable roof

Construction workers and a 320-foot crane have returned to Milwaukee’s Miller Park to repair the stadium’s noisy retractable roof.

During the project, which will cost $3 million to $7 million, workers will replace five pivot-bearing assemblies that allow the roof panels to rotate when the roof is opened or closed.

Workers will soon begin constructing platforms inside the stadium to support hydraulic jacks that will lift the roof panels 3 or 4 inches so they can install the new pivot system. That work will begin in late January or early February. About 100 seats behind home plate have been removed.

National Riggers and Erectors of Kansas City is the contractor for the job. The project is at the center of a dispute between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, which built the roof, and the stadium district. Mitsubishi said it had a less expensive plan to fix the roof, but the stadium district said it was inadequate.

The stadium district has sued Mitsubishi Heavy for $5 million in a suit alleging Mitsubishi was incompetent in building the roof. Mitsubishi filed a counterclaim saying the roof, which was supposed to cost $46 million, actually cost the company $133 million.