KCMA Corporation, the North American marketers of

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KCMA Corporation, the North American marketers of Kawasaki wheel loaders, is releasing first two models of the Kawasaki Z7 Wheel Loader generation. These machines are totally redesigned from the ground up. Meeting EPA Tier 4i emission standards required introduction of new systems like Diesel Particulate Filters, Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems, Variable Geometry Turbochargers and High Pressure Common Rail fuel systems. But Kawasaki didn’t stop there. New powertrain components, hydraulic and electrical systems, and structures were developed to improve efficiency, productivity and comfort. Many features use sophisticated controls and logic to provide “intelligent” systems that adjust to the working conditions of the machine to improve efficiency.

The most apparent change in the Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders is the appearance. Striking new styling sets these machines off. The styling changes are functional as well as attractive, by improving visibility and serviceability.

The first two models of the Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders are the 85Z7 and 90Z7. The 85Z7 is a strong 221 net horsepower wheel loader powered by an Isuzu engine. With a 4.8 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, the 85Z7 is ideal for a wide range of applications from plant loading, construction, stockpile loadout, or other general loader applications. Equipped with special application modifications the 85Z7 will also be used in logging, refuse, scrap, and chemical applications.

The Kawasaki 90Z7 wheel loader is bigger than its predecessor and packs a big 280 net horsepower from a fuel stingy Hino diesel engine. The General Purpose bucket is 5.5 cubic yards and the Material Handling bucket is 6.1 cubic yards. This is an ideal machine for stockpile loading, plant applications, and a variety of other general loader applications. It will also have the flexibility of being sold in special applications such as hot slag, refuse and logging.

The features of the new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders are aimed at reducing operating costs and increasing production. Innovative designs like the HN bushings used in the linkage system extend grease intervals to 500 hours. Use of KCM EX46 Hydraulic Oil will allow for oil change intervals in the hydraulic system to be doubled to 4000 hours. Use of variable displacement piston pumps in an open-centered, excavator style hydraulic system saves on fuel and improve overall feel and response of the hydraulic system. The patented “IntelliDig” system balances Rimpull power and breakout force when digging tough materials to speed cycles. The operator can set a variety of items to allow the machine to fit his production needs. He can set power settings, lift arm kickout settings, declutch setting and even the way the transmission shifts to fit his application.

But operators will be most impressed with the total redesign of the operator station on the new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders. Everything got better. Visibility. Sound levels. Controls. Ventilation. All new, all improved. Rear camera insures that the operator can back up without blind spots to the rear. The air ride seat can be heated to provide comfort in cold climates. The sophisticated dash monitor provides a wide range of operating data as well as the ability to adjust systems and provide fuel economy data on request.

The new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders didn’t give any ground in the areas that Kawasaki has been known for. These machines are still top performers in their class. They are also designed for the long haul, with great reliability built in. And they will operate more economically than ever before. The new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders are here.

Kawasaki is the oldest ongoing manufacturer of rubber-tire, articulated, wheel loaders in the world, serving the North American market for over 30 years. For information on the Z7 generation wheel loaders, and all other Kawasaki wheel loaders, visit WWW.Kawasakiloaders.com/Z7.


85Z7 4.1 – 5.2 cu. yd. 221 HP Operating Weight: 45,560 lbs. Breakout Force: 34,870 lbs.

90Z7 5.1 – 6.1 cu. yd. 280 HP Operating Weight: 54,370 lbs. Breakout Force: 44,060 lbs.