May this hopelessly buried excavator operator refusing to quit digging be your spirit animal in the New Year

Updated Jan 2, 2015

Excavator digging its own grave

Some might look at this video and say, “What’s this guy doing? He’s only making it worse.” And those people would be correct. However, those people are taking a decidedly glass-half-empty approach on life and as we embark on this New Year, there’s simply no time for that type of doom and gloom mindset. On the contrary, as we make our grand designs for 2015, I say we need to have the outlook of this operator.

Yes, he’s never getting that excavator out of that mud pit and, yes, he’s probably doing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage to the machine by continuing to run it in that state, but you’re kind of missing the point. He hasn’t given up after all and that’s what I hope you take away from this video.

Happy New Year! (And seriously, don’t do what this guy is doing. It’s just a metaphor.)