MBW Upgrades AP18, GP18 Vibratory Plates

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MBW's AP18 vibratory plate
MBW's AP18

MBW has updated its AP18 and G18 single-direction vibratory plates with a new standard engine and additional lifting handles.

The spray bar on the AP18 asphalt version has also been modified and the machine given added clearance so a paving pad can be used. A Honda GX160 engine is now standard on both models. New side handles for the plate have been added for easier lifting.

The AP18 and GP18 are part of the company’s 1000 Series of small, portable vibratory plates. They are designed for compacting granular soils, such as sand and gravel, in confined areas. With the optional paving pad, the AP model can be used for placing interlocking pavers, bricks and blocks. The AP model comes with a 2.3-gallon water tank.

The AP18 and GP18 have an operating weight of 174 pounds. The new Honda GX160 engine delivers up to 3,400 rpm. Their suspension system is designed to reduce hand and arm vibrations and isolate upper components, including the engine, from vibrations.

The plates deliver up to .67 inches of amplitude and exciter speed of 5,240 vibrations per minute. They compact to depths to 10 inches and at a max rate of 6,750 square feet per hour. Max travel speed is 75 feet per minute. Noise level is 85 dBA.