Makinex Power Box generator boasts quiet, clean power

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Updated Feb 7, 2019

makinex portable power boxMakinex’s new Power Box battery-powered generator produces no noise or emissions and can store electricity for running everything from computers to portable air compressors, the company says.

Introduced at World of Concrete 2019, the Power Box can be wheeled to wherever you need it on the jobsite and is available in a variety of sizes and power configurations, from 4.4 to 17.6 kilowatts.

The AC generator runs on pure sine wave power, which the company says is the “cleanest power available.” It can also “run heavy loads not possible on portable generators.”

makinex battery powered generatorAlong with quiet, clean electricity, the Power Box does not require any maintenance. All the operator has to do is turn it on and plug in the desired devices. Its operation can be monitored by phone app, which displays user statistics, available power and other details.

The Power Box is enclosed within a cabinet rated as Type 3R by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which means it is constructed for indoor/outdoor use to protect the equipment from rain, sleet, snow and ice, along with other hazards.

Along with rugged wheels for moving around, the generators also have lifting eyes.