Yokohama adds cut-, heat-resistant compounds to dump truck tires

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Updated May 23, 2018
Yokohama’s RB42 E-4Yokohama’s RB42 E-4

New compounds are now available for Yokohama Tire’s RB42 and RL42 tires for rigid-frame dump trucks.

Yokohama RL42Yokohama RL42

The RB42 E-4 is designed for work in soft and loose surfaces, such as mud, sand, gravel and rocks due to its zigzag tread pattern. Large center blocks on the tire have non-directional tread patterns for cut and wear resistance. Various sizes are offered with regular (REG), cut-protected (CP), special cut-protected (CP-S) and heat-resistant (HR) compounds.

Sizes include the 33.005R51 CP and REG; 18.00R33 CP and HR; 24.00R35 CP, CP-S, REG and HR; and 27.00R49 CP, CP-S, REG and HR.

The RL42 E-4 is made for long hauls on hard surfaces. Its circumferential grooves dissipate heat so the tire runs cooler. Its deep, wide grooves expel mud and dirt and aid traction.

It is available in 18.00R33 and 24.00R35, both with CP and HR compounds.

Both the RB42 and RL42 models feature steel cord belts to prevent tread punctures and buttress side protection to prevent snags and cuts.