Run tiltrotator, other excavator attachments at same time with Rototilt controller

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Updated May 15, 2019
Rototilt High Flow ControllerRototilt High Flow Controller

Rototilt’s new High Flow Controller enables an excavator operator to use a tiltrotator and other tools simultaneously with one hydraulic circuit.

“Previously, this was only possible if the base machine was equipped with several hydraulic circuits,” the company says.

The controller distributes oil between the tools and the tiltrotator, with all tiltrotator functions running at reduced speed. The flow is controlled by joysticks through Rototilt’s Innovative Control System.

The controller works with tools that require high flow in a single direction, such as sweeper rollers or large compactors. Only one circuit is required for hammer hydraulics, which creates the capability for most machines on the market, the company says.

The controller requires Rototilt’s R4, R5, R6 or R8 tiltrotators, equipped with a high-flow swivel and the Innovative Control System.

The High Flow Controller “is a smart solution, and virtually all base machines can simultaneously use both a flow-intensive tool and a tiltrotator,” says product manager Sven-Roger Ekström.