Subsite intros the Commander 7, an upgradable HDD guidance display with smartphone connectivity

Updated Oct 24, 2016


Calling it the company’s “most advanced display ever,” Subsite Electronics has introduced a new 7-inch, high-resolution monitor for horizontal directional drilling guidance.

Dubbed the Commander 7, this display brings new capabilities to Subsite’s TK RECON Series guidance system which the company introduced earlier this year. Because its built on the TK RECON platform, the Commander 7 display will allow users to perform software updates to add upgrades and new features down the road.

Subsite says the Commander 7 displays “all vital tracking data” and answers a demand Subsite HDD guidance systems product manager John Bieberdorf says the company has heard from many customers.

“Today, much of the industry wants all vital tracking data delivered to both the tracker operator and the drill operator,” says Bieberdorf. “The Commander 7 does just that, putting everything in the hands of the two most skilled workers on the jobsite.”

The Commander 7 also boasts an expanded communication range, faster data rate speeds, a quick-release mount, compatibility with iOS and Android devices and an intuitive interface.

“Commander 7 showcases a lot of state-of-the-art features,” says Bieberdorf. “The thing we’re most proud of, though, is the different viewing options we offer our users. Commander 7 doesn’t box you into a single view.”

The display offers three different modes in which operators can view data: Classic Walkover mode, Drill-To mode and Advanced Drill-To mode.

Subsite says the new Commander 7 displays will be available through Ditch Witch dealerships.