Doosan’s new DX140LC/LCR-5 excavators boast power control, several design improvements

Updated May 9, 2016

Boasting new power and speed controls along with several other design and cab enhancements, Doosan’s new DX140LC-5 and DX140LCR-5 (short tail swing) replace the company’s “dash-3” models.

Both of these new 14-ton excavators feature a selectable Smart Power Control (SPC). SPC saves fuel by tailoring performance to the severity of the application at hand. The feature reduces engine rpm during low workloads while bathing hydraulic pump torque and engine response to heavier tasks.


Doosan has also added an auto engine shutdown to the machines that can be configured from three to 60 minutes.

Inside the cab, operators will find a new front window design offering better visibility along with a 7-inch color display that gives a side-by-side view of critical machine data and the rear of the machine through the rearview camera. When the optional side-view camera is added to the machines, the rear- and side-view angles can be viewed simultaneously.

Diesel exhaust fuel (DEF) levels and fuel efficiency guidance can be viewed from the new monitor as well.

The following improvements are also new to the DX140 machines:

  • Improved anti-skid plates: for easier engine access for machine maintenance
  • Emergency engine stop: relocated for easier operator access
  • Improved serviceability: allows for easier access to components and less time for maintenance
  • Upgraded alternator: delivers improved power for electrical components

The following are available factory-installed options:

  • Straight travel pedal, which allows the operator to travel in a straight line more easily
  • Two-way auxiliary hydraulic pedal (in addition to joystick control)
  • Cab guarding for special applications
  • Additional work lamps
  • Rotate circuit hydraulic piping
  • Diesel-powered coolant heater for cold starts (not available on the DX140LCR-5)
  • Intelligent floating boom (not available on the DX140LCR-5)