Hyundai’s new compact-radius HX145LCR boasts fuel savings, high-end cab

Updated May 5, 2016

Hyundai HX145LCR excavator mrRounding out the company’s machine introductions at the Bauma show in Munich last month was the compact-radius HX145LCR. The excavator is Hyundai’s newest addition to the HX Series excavator lineup launched last year.

The 145 is a 14-metric-ton machine with a tail swing radius of just 4 feet, 11 inches. Hyundai says when the machine is equipped with an 8-ft., 2-in. arm, it has a max dig depth of 18 ft., 1 in., and a max digging reach of 27 ft., 3 in. Bucket digging force is 24,890 lb.-ft.

The HX145LCR is powered by a Perkins 1204F Tier 4 Final engine providing 116 horsepower. Thanks to that new engine, fuel economy on the machine is 10 percent better than on previous models.

The machine also features Hyundai’s Intelligent Power control which optimizes power based on load demand, as well as an Eco Breaker mode which improves fuel consumption with selectable pump flow when working with hydraulic breakers and other attachments. The machine also features a boom float mode for better grading control and a fine swing mode.

Inside the cab, the machine features the same appointments as its larger HX Series brethren. Operators will find 8-inch touchscreen monitor featuring an inclinometer, which assists the operator in maintaining a level bucket; an ECO Gauge, which displays a color letting the operator know how fuel efficient their operation is; and Miracast, allowing the operator to mirror his or her smartphone display to the display inside the machine.

The monitor also displays Hyundai’s All Around View Mode (AAVM) which stitches together an overhead view of the machine using four cameras. An object detection system enhances AAVM by monitoring when any object or person gets too close to the machine. When that happens warnings appear on the monitor and an alarm sounds.