The Top 14 Construction and Heavy Equipment Stories of 2014

Crane hauling 2014

In these last hours of 2014, it’s easy to look forward to getting 2015 underway, especially for those in the construction industry. After all, work is finally picking back up, jobs are available again and 2015 might be the year things really start taking off again. However, it’d be a shame to forget just how important 2014 was to the industry, so we’ve rounded up the top 14 stories and equipment launches based on what you, the reader, found interesting and these stories’ impact on the industry as a whole. There were, of course, big announcements and advancements in pickups and heavy equipment, but did you know a construction-themed amusement park opened too? So click through the stories starting below. And thanks so much for hanging out with us in 2014. We can’t wait to get started on next year.