PHOTOS: Crane collapses in Boston, crushes unlucky Chevy Silverado

Updated May 29, 2014
Boston crane collapse 5/14

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A couple of weeks back, the Boston Fire Department responded to a crane collapse on Commercial Street in the North End of town. BFD ended up live tweeting their response to the collapse which included a full day’s worth of work to remove the toppled crane.

According to the tweets, the crane operator and a passerby attempting to get out of the way of the falling crane were treated by paramedics. Thankfully, no one else was hurt, but we have to imagine the driver of this unluckily parked Chevrolet Silverado suffered some emotional distress.

There’s no indication yet as to what caused the collapse. OSHA officials were on the scene and did not allow the crane truck to be driven away once it was uprighted.

The boom of the crane was bent and unable to be retracted, so it was cut into sections for removal. When the crane truck tipped, much of the 200 gallons of diesel and hydraulic fluid onboard leaked and needed to be cleaned up.

Via: Truck Yeah!