PHOTOS: Amazing images of subway construction in the man-made caverns below New York City

Updated May 26, 2014
Jan 13-6

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Back in June we showed you a handful of pictures from deep below New York City. And while they depicted ongoing construction on the city’s Second Avenue Subway, they looked like more something out of a sci-fi movie.

The Second Avenue Subway is the first line to be built in NYC since 1932. The $4.5 billion project began in 2007 when workers began excavation on 80-foot-tall tunnels that are dug with a 485-ton tunnel boring machine.

The source of those amazing photos is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York which updates its Flickr page quite often. Over the last three months, MTA has added a host of great images to Flickr that capture work on the Second Avenue line as well as the East Side Access project.

The East Side Access project is extending the Long Island Rail Road to the new East Side station. The project, expected to be completed by 2023 at a cost of nearly $11 billion, will build the new East Side station below Grand Central Station and connect the two.

Don’t miss the amazing photos above.