Educating employees in a construction environment

Learn at lunch.Learn at lunch.

In today’s construction environment, you can train employees in-house, or just give up and pretend you don’t need to train at all. Trouble is, those companies that don’t train run the risk of  falling behind those that do in terms of productivity and profitability.

The problem facing most managers is they don’t know what to train for, how to prioritize a trainng plan. 

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals has a solution. Tomorrow, October 25, they will hold another one of their Lunchtime Learning webinars called “Creating a Learning Plan for Your Employees.” You can participate from the convenience of your desk.

The session will give you an understanding of the WORKS strategy which is an approach for conducting a root cause analysis of training needs in an organization and enables a training manager to identify and quantify critical training needs, prioritize those needs and develop a plan for providing that training. According to AEMP, the WORKS strategy is suitable for any size organization and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of any training manager.

The session will be held at noon central time and be followed by Part 2 December 6 and 20 and Part 3 February 7 and 21. For more information and to sign up click the link here.