Bobcat adds extendable arm option to three compact excavators

E55 compact excavator with extendable arm optionE55 compact excavator with extendable arm option


Bobcat has added an extendable arm option for the M-Series E42, E45 and E55 compact excavators. The telescoping arm option allows those working in space-restricted areas to clean out trenches and place soil further away from an excavation without having to upsize the machine.

Bobcat E42 and E45 excavators with the extendable-arm option feature a 24-inch range of motion with maximum dig depths of 12 feet 6 inches and 12 feet 10 inches, respectively. The extendable-arm option includes an additional counterweight. The Bobcat E55 excavator with extendable-arm option has a 30-inch range of motion and a maximum dig depth of 14 feet 7 inches. That’s approximately 22 inches more dig depth than an E55 with the standard arm configuration.

The arm can be hydraulically extended and retracted as the need arises. The extendable arm cylinder is operated through a simple rocker-style thumb switch located on the joystick. When retracted, the arm delivers similar arm force as a standard arm.

“When extended, an operator can reach back into a trench to clean out material or dump spoil farther away during excavation,” a Bobcat product release states. “Another appealing application for the extendable arm is truck loading.The extendable arm allows the operator to reach to the front or to the far side of a truck to effectively fill the load.”

?The extendable arm is clamp-ready and designed to provide compatibility with the clamp attachment and the Hydraulic X-Change mounting system. A retention pin holds the arm in the retracted position, allowing use of up to16 different attachments.