No Big Gulp for you burly man



Mayor thinks you're fatMayor thinks you're fat


By now you’ve probably seen the news that nanny mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in New York City.

I’m all for health and good eating habits, but what annoys me about this and every other Armani-clad, uber-yuppie attempt to control what the rest of us eat and drink is that the food-police fail to realize what may be good for them may not be good for a lot of other people.


If you’re working in air conditioned office staring at a computer and getting no more exercise than wiggling you fingers on a keyboard, you may not need much in the way of calories. But control freaks like Bloomberg never bother to think about the guys in workboots and Carhartts—ironworkers, equipment operators, carpenters and concrete workers who bust their ass every day building and repairing his city—people who need lots of liquid and lots of food to make it through an eight hour shift.

I’d really like to see Bloomy and his staff work just one day swinging shovels and trowels on a big concrete job with no more than a salad and a cappuccino to sustain them. I bet they’d hold up as well as their funny French shoes.