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Vacuum Systems

By Lauren Heartsill Dowdle




Copy Untitled 1Use both air and water systems in McLaughlin Group’s Xtreme line vacuum excavators, marketed by Vermeer.

• Features a 1,200-cfm positive displacement blower

• Powered by a 99-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and a 5.6-gpm water system

• Produces up to 15 inches of mercury and 3,000 psi of water pressure.





Vacmasters’ System 6000 air-vacuum excavation system uses supersonic air from a Self Purging Untitled 1proprietary nozzle to dig, trench and pothole in various soil types.

• Components are powered by an enclosed John Deere, 250-horsepower diesel engine

• Features a self-purging filtration system

• Remote operation up to 200 feet away.




Choosing the right system

With a variety of vacuum system models available, compare these features to find the one Choosing Untitled 1that best suits your application:

• Horsepower and torque curve of the power unit

• Type of positive displacement pump or blower used to create vacuum

• Capacity of pump or blower (in cubic feet per minute, or cfm)

• Speed and filtration of air flow through the system

• Pressure and gallons-per-minute (gpm) of water pump

• Nozzle configuration of the excavation tool

• Size and weight of the unit when empty

• Weight of the unit when holding tank is full

• Capacity of the vacuum holding tank

• Sound level during operation

• Capacity of the water supply tank on water models or dust-filtering systems on air units

Source: Ditch Witch




Perform potholing, valve box and utility vault cleanout with the Ditch Witch FX25 vacuum Economy Size Untitled 1excavation system.

• Equipped with a 500-gallon spoils tank

• Options include 80- or 200-gallon water system with 3,000-psi water pressure

• Powered by a 31-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard gas engine.





Equipped with a single engine and a rugged reinforced steel debris tank, Vacall’s AllCatch Tailgate Design Untitled 1removes debris such as wet or dry leaves, asphalt, litter, stones and rocks from roadside curbs and catch basins.

• Features a tailgate design with a hose and boom that fold against the rear of the machine

• High-capacity water system has a 600-gallon capacity with a spray wand for cleaning

• Has an AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system.