MLE develops new high capacity man lift

Man and Material Lift Engineering developed a new high-capacity man lift, the T40MH-3000. The T4-MH combines the power of a man lift, forklift, winch lift and material lift into one quad lift machine to expand the capability and amount of work completed each day.

The machine features a working height of 46 feet, platform height of 40 feet and platform capacities up to 3,000 pounds. It allows 360-degree continuous rotation and 160-degree platform rotation. The lift uses a 110-volt line to the 8- by 3-foot platform.

The quad lifter can be customized with a single 1,000-pound winch and a 2,000-pound fork with a one-man basket. Other optional equipment includes a 7500-watt generator, diesel engine, 8-foot platform, custom basket and oxy-acetylene lines to the platform.

No tools are necessary to convert the quad lifter into one of the different lifting configurations. The quad lifter and its attachments are light enough to fit on one truck as a legal load, allowing it to be transported easily.

For more information on the T40MH-3000 and its accessories, visit MLE’s website.