Yanmar opens new tractor assembly facility

Yanmar has opened a new production facility in their Adairsville, Georgia, production complex. The new plant will be dedicated solely to the production of tractors related to Yanmar’s joint venture with Cub Cadet.

The new 240,000-square-foot production facility will house the merging of Yanmar diesel engines and the Cub Cadet tractors built by Yanmar. It is here at the new plant where the Sc2400 model will be matched with a 24-horsepower engine at the plant, the Ex2900 receives a 28.7-horsepower engine, and the Ex3200 will be given the 32-horsepower engine.

The expansion will provide nearly 200 new jobs for the surrounding populace of Adairsville, Georgia. This facility will also house North American home offices for Yanmar Construction, agricultural equipment, marine engine assembly and the replacement parts group.