November construction equipment theft and recovery report

Arkansas: A hunter stumbled upon heavy equipment and notified local law enforcement. The discovery led officers to more than $400,000 in stolen equipment and resulted in the arrest of two men.

Louisiana: A police tip led to a six-month equipment investigation in Tangipahoa Parish. Eight law enforcement agencies participated in the investigation, which resulted in the arrest of nine people using the cover of a landscaping company to operate an equipment theft ring. More than $200,000 in stolen equipment was recovered.

Texas: Thieves who broke into a garage door company stole a forklift and other equipment using the company’s truck as the getaway vehicle.

Florida: Police officers have recovered a truck filled with stolen lawn equipment, jackhammers and other small tools worth an estimated $100,000. Officers have not been able to determine who owns many of the items.

Idaho: Several contractors are offering a reward for information relating to more than 10 thefts in as many weeks in Ammon and the Bonneville County area. Among the stolen items were a backhoe and trailer, with the total value of stolen equipment well over $100,000.

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