Kubota’s new KX161-3 offers auto idle load sensing system

The KX161-3 tight tail swing compact excavator, replacing the KX161-2, now offers Kubota’s U.S.-exclusive auto idle system. This system helps conserve fuel and reduce engine noise and overall wear by automatically dropping engine speed to idle when pilot controls are left static for more than four seconds. “Any movement of the operating lever causes the machine to instantly return to its original engine rpm,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product manager.

The tail section of the machine projects 4.75 inches beyond the width of the tracks while still maintaining the stability of a conventional tail swing, a feature that helps limit the possibility of damage to surrounding structures and equipment. The engine hood is recessed 5 inches from the edge of the counterweight so that the side panels and engine components are well protected.

The machine also features Kubota’s load sensing system, which delivers the exact amount of oil required by each lifting cylinder, allowing the excavator to perform multifunction operations without loss of speed, power or balance. Cylinder speeds are fully coordinated to ensure cycles complete simultaneously.

Dozer operations are handled with ease with the unit’s maximum drawbar pull rated at 12,871 pounds. The excavator’s maximum bucket breakout force is rated at 11,118 pounds. An air-conditioned cab model will start shipping in May