Fendt 900 Vario MT Track Tractors introduced

Updated Jun 20, 2022
09 20 fendt 900 Series

AGCO Corporation has introduced the Fendt 900 Vario MT Series track tractors, expanding the line of tractors for North America by bringing track tractor performance.

The Fendt 900 Vario MT is available in three models from 380 to 431 horsepower, powered by AGCO Power 9.8-liter diesel engines equipped with concentric air systems (CAS) for efficiency-enhancing cooling and enhanced engine life. The company says the tractors feature the convenience and smooth, seamless speed control of the Fendt VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT), combined with Fendt iD low-rev engine operating technology that delivers 1,500 ft.-lb. of torque at 1,100 rpm, for maximum torque and great fuel efficiency.

Fendt says its 900 Vario MT tractors are designed to operate with optimum efficiency. All systems, including the hydraulics and 2-speed PTO, run at lower engine rpm for lower fuel costs and reduced engine wear.

The Fendt-exclusive dual-pump, dual-circuit hydraulic system delivers up to 116 gpm of hydraulic oil flow. This unique two-pump system enables operators to connect implements according to oil pressure and flow requirements, high or low, the company says. It keeps full capacity on reserve until the tractor is paired with an implement with high hydraulic demands or until the connected implement requires additional hydraulic power. The tractors also are available with a single hydraulic pump providing 58 gpm at 1700 rpm. Like other Fendt tractors, the 900 Vario MT has separate hydraulic oil reservoirs for the implement and vehicle hydraulic systems, preventing cross-contamination and extending the service interval to two years or 2,000 hours.

Optional flat-face hydraulic couplers are energy-efficient and easy to connect and operate at full pressure, with minimal oil leaks during coupling, keeping the tractor, the operator and the environment cleaner. Since the system is designed to maintain pressure, oil does not heat up as much and energy consumption for cooling is reduced, the company says.

Fendt 900 Vario MT tractors are equipped with a standard Category 3/4N three-point hitch with 19,000-lb. lift capacity and a 2-speed 1000 and 1000E PTO shaft. The tractors offer standard gauge settings from 72 to 88 in., wide-gauge settings of 72 to 120 in. and three track styles in six widths from 16 to 34 in. 

AGCO’s patented Mobil-trac system (MTS), designed with a long wheelbase for more stability, is renowned for delivering power to the ground, setting the 900 Vario MT Series apart from other track tractors in the industry, the company says. The steel hardbar acts as a front axle, attaching to the forward point of the roller frame and providing up to 11 degrees of oscillation, to improve ride and minimize compaction.

Fendt 900 VARIO MT tractors feature a 10.4-in. touchscreen Varioterminal. Using the terminal, Fendt says operators can manage all tractor settings and adjustments, plus monitor and control ISOBUS 11783-compatible implements, camera functions, field documentation, variable rate applications, guidance and wireless data transfer, and headland management. 

The company says it will continue to offer the Challenger MT700 and MT800 track tractors in the North American market.