AGCO invests in Apex.AI, developer of software for mobility and autonomous applications

AGCO has announced that it has made a 2.53 percent equity investment in Apex.AI, an emerging leader in safety-certified software for mobility and driverless vehicles.

Apex.AI has differentiated itself with its software products by making it possible and easier for solutions providers to implement safety critical software into on-road and off-road vehicles, AGCO says. Apex.AI’s software enables its customers to focus on developing value adding applications, while Apex.AI provides a strong development infrastructure.

With a focus on enabling driverless vehicles, Apex.AI launched its first award-winning product Apex.OS in 2020 and achieved functional safety certification in record time. Since then, Apex.AI also has launched its Apex.Middleware product, which integrates all vehicle communication needs and enables the future deployments of semi-autonomous or driverless vehicles.

“AGCO’s investment in Apex.AI further demonstrates our commitment to developing value-adding solutions for our customers that adhere to the most stringent standards and reliability requirements,” sauys Eric Hansotia, AGCO’s chairman, president and CEO. “We are excited to invest in Apex.AI’s team as it paves the way for driverless vehicles throughout the agriculture and automotive industries.”