Case IH offers 7 agricultural powerhouses with Steiger Tier 4 Final lineup

Steiger 620
The Steiger 620 offers up to 680 horsepower to tackle difficult terrain and tough conditions.

The Case IH Tier 4 B/Final Steiger lineup, originally introduced in 2013, offers seven powerful agricultural tractors that have been designed with a mind toward higher torque, improved lugging power and more responsive performance.

The Steiger 620 offers up to 680 horsepower to tackle difficult terrain and tough conditions.The Steiger 620 offers up to 680 horsepower to tackle difficult terrain and tough conditions.

Leading the pack is the Steiger 620, which comes with a hefty 682 maximum engine horsepower. An additional 35 hp power boost delivers extra power for transport, hydraulics and PTO. Like the majority of the Steiger line, the 620 is powered by a 12.9-L Case IH FPT engine with two-stage turbocharging. Other available models include the Steiger 580, 540, 500, 470, 420 and 370.

All seven models offer features to improve ease of operation in the agricultural sector, such as eight hydraulic remotes and up to 113 gallons per minute hydraulic flow. An industry-leading frame and wheelbase along with superior weight distribution are part of every model as well.

Model Configuration Engine Maximum HP
Steiger 370 HD Wheeled/Rowtrac™ 8.7 L 405
Steiger 420 HD Wheeled/Rowtrac 12.9 L 462
Steiger 470 HD Wheeled/Rowtrac/Quadtrac® 12.9 L 517
Steiger 500 HD Wheeled/Rowtrac/Quadtrac 12.9 L 550
Steiger 540 HD Wheeled/Quadtrac 12.9 L 605
Steiger 580 HD Wheeled/Quadtrac 12.9 L 638
Steiger 620 HD Wheeled/Quadtrac 12.9 L 682

The new Steiger tractors come with spacious Surveyor cabs that offer high visibility and excellent sight lines. Available features in the Surveyor cabs also include ventilation fans for cooling leather seats, an extendable lower seat cushion to provide more thigh and leg support, and a right-hand power fore and aft adjustment for positioning of the MultiControl Armrest for the precise operating comfort position an operator desires.

The Multifunction Handle offers a thumb wheel setting for the Diesel Saver Automatic Productivity Management control, which allows producers to make easier, more positive shifts, while also saving fuel. The thumb wheel control also sets the desired field ground speed, similar to cruise control in a car. In addition, the buttons are raised, larger, softer, and sized differently than in previous models. This allows operators to differentiate buttons by touch alone. The handle is also backlit to make working at night easier.

Like their predecessors, the new Steiger models come with, factory-installed Case IH Advanced Farming Systems including the AFS Pro 700 control center. The AFS Pro 700 manages a wide range functions, including AFS AccuGuide autoguidance, tractor performance monitoring, implement control and more.