Durante Rentals places Rental Elite software platform at heart of its operation

Updated Aug 20, 2016
A screenshot of the Rental Elite dashboard from Point of Rental.A screenshot of the Rental Elite dashboard from Point of Rental.

Durante Rentals Brewster locationFast-growing New York rental house Durante Rentals has implemented a new software platform that promises to increase efficiency at the company.

Durante is now using the Rental Elite platform from Point of Rental, a Texas-based software developer that focuses its efforts on streamlining rental businesses of all sizes.

Rental Elite is one of three award-winning platforms Point of Rental offers. The Rental Essentials platform is designed for less complex operations looking to get started with a cloud-based system that handles point of sale, inventory tracking and accounting integration. The next step up, Rental Expert, adds many more options to each element of a transaction and adds more customization options and customer service and marketing features.

Rental Elite is the top tier platform Point of Rental offers, with ultimate customization aimed at the largest rental operations. Durante says this flexibility and its fast growth in the last year is the reason it chose the Elite platform. In July, Durante opened its seventh location on 13 acres in Brewster, New York. It’s the company’s third opening in the last eight months.

Durante says the company has achieved a growth rate of 228 percent in the last three years.

“To keep up with our rapid growth, we found it essential to invest in our internal processes and constantly search for new areas we can improve upon,” said president John Durante in a prepared statement.

“We always put our customers first,” added CEO, Anthony Durante. “We strive to streamline our processes, offer innovative solutions and look to push the limits of the industry’s technology. After years of research into different systems, we are confident in our choice of Point of Rental. We really wanted a system that worked with the natural flow of our business while also allowing us the flexibility of customized features to support our further development.”