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Ryan Lombardo, head of operations at Lombardo Management General Contractors, headquartered in Atlanta, speaks from 20 years of experience on the Disaster Contractors Network Blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

“A lot of people get into disaster contracting because they see a real need and want to feel it and make a lot of money doing it.  Don’t get me wrong when a city is demolished there is a lot of money involved in getting it put back together.  The money comes from everybody from FEMA to Insurance companies but money alone is not a good reason to go into disaster contracting.  There is a lot of trials and challenges that come from mobilizing, managing, and working disasters.  You have to be cut out for it well trained and motivated by more than money to put up with some of the conditions you will have to endure to help people recover.  We get a real sense of accomplishment in helping people during disasters.  After 40 years it takes more than money to make it worthwhile.  One thing I can say from the 20 years I’ve been on the road with disasters, that generally speaking it brings out the best in people and they can be so cooperative and grateful to you like you will never encounter in everyday business.  If you approach disaster recovery with the right attitude you will get a great sense of accomplishment from the hardship you and your clients endure.”