Continental Trackman uses microchip in track tread to monitor rubber tracks
Marcia Gruver Doyle | November 16, 2017

Continental’s Trackman embedded microchip will send track condition information to tractor operators.

Claiming a first-of-its-kind, Continental has unveiled a track-condition monitoring concept for its Trackman rubber tracks that go on several brands of tractors.

Asked whether this technology might apply to compact track loader tracks, Continental said while it currently does not these support these tracks, “it’s definitely something that we could be interested in looking at in the future.”

Using an embedded microchip molded into the track tread, the system communicates with a cab monitor, providing operators with real-time condition data. This is information operators can use to predictively maintain their tracks, “avoiding downtime altogether,” according to Rob Shultz, Continental’s product manager for rubber tracks.

Developed by the firm’s St. Marys, Ohio, engineering team, the option is designed “to help revolutionize farming. Farmers can respond to components before downtime occurs and replace them accordingly.”


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