Finalists for Equipment with Highest Retained Value in 2022 Announced by EquipmentWatch

Updated Nov 12, 2022

Finalists for the seventh annual EquipmentWatch Highest Retained Value Awards have been announced. (Check out the video above to see which construction equipment models made the list.)

Across 30 categories in construction, lift and access and agriculture, analysts have reviewed and ranked more than 27,000 models. The categories capture the most popular types of equipment based on annually observed market activity. 

Within each award category, the analysis focused on the most popular brands, according to EquipmentWatch, which is owned by Randall Reilly, parent company of Equipment World. Analysts limited reviews to models still being produced in 2022 to ensure the results can be applied to buying decisions now and throughout the year.

After filtering the data, EquipmentWatch analysts chose three of the top models as finalists. The finalists represent the model series in each category projected to retain the highest percentage of their original value during the next five years.

Equipment World will announce the winners later this fall.

Below is a primer on what these retained values mean and how to integrate them into future buying decisions.

Retained value

Retained values are what you can anticipate a piece of equipment to be worth after a given period. For EquipmentWatch’s HRVA awards, the timeframe is five years, so the retained values shown here are the anticipated values for a piece of equipment five years from now.

Retained values are often related to the concept of depreciation, which is a measure of how far a piece of equipment’s value decreases over time. Retained values are an integral part of equipment purchase and maintenance. 

“At every step, from the rent/buy decisions to leasing operations and fleet management, knowing and understanding retained values can provide powerful insights into the optimal choice,” says Jessica Carr, EquipmentWatch director of data and analytics.

At EquipmentWatch, the retained values are calculated using market data, depreciation standards and a proprietary algorithm. For more information on their methodology, click here.

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Percentage vs. dollar value

Depreciation and retained values are inherently reliant upon purchase price. 

“With so many ways to adjust the value of a piece of equipment, which varies based on utilization, region, condition, components and more, it would be difficult to estimate exact dollar values in this analysis to cover every possible variation,” Carr said. “Instead, we measure retained values as the average percentage of initial value retained after five years for equipment purchased new or on the used market.”

Specifically for the Highest Retained Value Awards, the analysis is based on newly purchased, current model year equipment.

Carr said the analysis provides an apples-to-apples comparison of equipment brands and provides EquipmentWatch a clear and unbiased way to choose winners. She adds that using percentages eliminates confusion when comparing brands that may have materially different purchase prices, and an asset with a higher dollar value at the end of the five-year-period may have simply started out with a higher original cost.

Equipment Watch by Randall Reilly Highest Retained Value Award 2022 logo


Lawson Rudisill (00:00):

EquipmentWatch, a provider of heavy equipment values and specs data, has announced the finalists for its seventh annual EquipmentWatch Highest Retained Value Awards. This is the only industry awards program that leverages third party unbiased data to identify the construction, lift and access, and agricultural equipment that is projected to best hold its value.

(00:26) EquipmentWatch Highest Retained Value Awards are presented in 30 categories honoring 2022 model year equipment. The finalists represent the model series in each category projected to retain the highest percentage of their original value during the next five years. Winning manufacturers will be announced on October 17th. Here are the construction category finalists

(00:54) In the backhoe category, contenders include the Kubota L47 along with two Deere models, the 310SL HL and the 315SL.

(01:05) Komatsu claimed two finalist spots in the large tracked dozer category with its D85EX-18, and D155AXI-8 models. Case's 2050M is also in the running.

(01:25) Komatsu and Case are also pitted against each other in the small tracked dozer category. Models include the Komatsu D51EX-24, and D39PXI-24, and the Case 1150M.

(01:42)In drum compactors the battle is on between Bomag and Hamm. The three finalist models include the Bomag BW124DH-5 and the Hamm H12I and H12I P.

(02:00)Tandem drum compactor finalists are the Wacker Neuson RD28-120, the Dynapac CC950, and the Caterpillar CB-34B.

(02:15)Kobelco, Wacker Neuson, and Yanmar are in the hunt for the top spot in the compact excavator category. Models include the Kobelco SK17SR-5E, Wacker Neuson EZ17, and Yanmar VI017-A.

(02:39)Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Volvo have entered the ring in the large crawler excavator category. Which model will come out on top? The Caterpillar 335F L CR, the Komatsu PC800LC-8, or the Volvo EC380E.

(03:00)The medium crawler excavator category has the Case CX250D pitted against the Doosan DX225LCA and the Link-Belt 250X4.

(03:14)Small crawler excavator finalists include the Doosan DX140LC-5, the Kobelco SK140SRLC-5, and the Komatsu PC78US-10.

(03:36)For the compact track loader category, the ASV VT-70, Ditch Witch SK850, and the New Holland C234 are duking it out.

(03:49)In the large skid steer category, you'll again find ASV with the VS-60 and RS-75 up against the New Holland L234.

(04:02)Gehl snagged two spots in the small skid steer loader category with the R150 and R105 which are taking on the Takeuchi TS60R.

(04:15)Which manufacturer will take the crown in the large wheel loader category? Volvo with its L120H or L250H, or the Doosan DL300-5.

(04:28)In the medium wheel loader category, Case and its 821G and 621G XT are pitted against the Liebherr L550 XPower.

(04:40)Will Yanmar make a name for itself in the small wheel loader category? It's V10 and V12 are in the running against the Volvo L50H.

(04:51)Motor grader finalists are the Deere 622G, Komatsu GD655-6, and the LeeBoy 685C.

(05:03)When it comes to rear dump trucks, the Deere 410E, Doosan DA30-5, and Volvo A60H are neck and neck.

(05:15)In the lift and access category, the following manufacturers are competing for the top spot. In the articulating boom lift category, models in the running include the Genie Z-30/20N RJ, the MEC 60-J, and the JLG H340AJ Hybrid.

(05:41)Two JLG models, the FT70 and ECOLIFT 70, face the Genie SX-125 XC in the telescopic boom lift category.

(05:54)When it comes to electric scissor lifts, Genie, JCB, and Snorkel are all vying for the top spot. Models include the Genie GS-4047, the JCB S1930E, and the Snorkel S3219E.

(06:16)For the internal combustion scissor lift category, it's a jostle between the Genie GS-2669 BE, JLG 430LRT, and MEC 3084RT.

(06:34)The JCB TM220, Pettibone 8044, and Skyjack SJ843 TH are in a squabble for the title of top telehandler lift truck.

(06:49)As for warehouse narrow aisle lifts, only one will reign supreme. Will it be the Hyundai 25D-9, the Toyota 8FBE15U, or the UniCarriers AF50?

(07:05)In the agricultural equipment category, here are the 2022 finalists. Kubota sweeps the Balers category with the BV4160, BV4180, and BV5160, taking the three finalist spots.

(07:26)New Holland has claimed two spots in the combine category with its CR9.90 and CX840. The models are up against the Gleaner S88.

(07:40)The corn headers category finalists are the Case IH 4206-30. The Geringhoff RD 1200 B, and the New Holland 3PN.

(07:55)Which self-propelled sprayer will come out on top? The Apache AS730, Hagie STS 12, and New Holland SP.400F are in the running.

(08:08)Track tractor category finalists are the Case IH Steiger 420 Rowtrac, the Challenger MT845E, and the Deere 9570RT.

(08:23)Who will roll away with the title of top large wheeled tractor? Finalists include the Case IH Steiger 470, the Massey Ferguson 8737, and the New Holland T9.645.

(08:39)As for small wheeled tractors, the Kubota M6-131 and M5660SUH will face off against the Branson 5220H.

(08:55)Equipment World will announce the winners later this fall so if you want to find out the heavy equipment with the highest retained value in each category, stay tuned to