Semi hauling an excavator plows through a guardhouse while pulling onto college campus

Updated Aug 25, 2014

Excavator destroys guardhouse

At Bellhaven University they’re referring to it as “the Guardhouse Incident.”

With construction having begun on a new on-campus apartment complex, a lot of big construction equipment is making its way onto Bellhaven’s small campus in Jackson, Mississippi. And, as you can see in the video below, a particular guardhouse at an entrance to the campus didn’t afford one hauler quite enough room to squeeze an excavator in.

Thankfully no one was inside or close enough to the small structure to be injured and the university has been able to laugh off the situation. Bellhaven posted the video on its Facebook page noting, “We have begun construction on the new University Village, but planning the project we knew that one of the tough challenges would be getting equipment into the center of campus.”

“This is the fast way to move the guard house out of the way,” the page read.

The best part of the video has to be the guy running up from behind to warn the driver before it’s too late. And the runner in the white T-shirt who witnesses the destruction’s reaction of “Nope” without losing stride is perfect. Watch below.