Watch a Caterpillar D11R shove a massive 20-foot boulder into a pit

Caterpillar D11R pushing a rockIn the construction industry, just as in life, it’s the simple things, really.

Nothing too complicated about this video, Just an awesome machine pushing a really big rock around and eventually over into a pretty deep pit. Our favorite part of the video though is at around the 1 minute mark when the angle changes slightly and you get a look at just how long this massive rock really is. From the video, the rock looks almost as big as the D11 itself.

We’d wager the operator could spend all day doing stuff like this. Heck, it’s fun just watching him do it. Do you have any cool operation videos you’d like to share? Shoot me an email at [email protected].

[youtube F-x5MmqTs0s nolink]