Hilarious “Movin’ Season” parody spoofs pickup truck TV ads

It's Movin Season Ram parodyThere are parodies and then there are perfect parodies, and this spoof TV ad from comedian Owen Weber falls into that latter category.

Just about every ad for a pickup these days splices video of brand new trucks splashing through mud, towing a giant load up a mountain, or, amazingly, being loaded full of dirt with an excavator. Over top, you just about always hear a very serious voiceover of all the very serious work these trucks can do.

And while automakers are certainly aiming to impress a a particular demographic, namely farmers and contractors, let’s be honest. Most of the people who buy pickups today never use them for hauling bails of hay or heaps of gravel. The most common work pickups probably see is on moving day. So, using a raspy drawl, Weber delivers a hilarious and extremely honest list of mundane moving activities and impressive features like “Turbo Diesel Powered Towin'” against the typical cool video of a Ram pickup splashing and haulin’ and it is hilarious. Be sure to watch the video below.

[youtube 5SIsHaMjF2g nolink]