Ford Raptor flies 180 feet over sand dune

Updated Jun 24, 2013

Silver Lake Raptor jumpIn West Michigan, overlooking the shore of Lake Michigan are the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. For decades, gearheads and truck lovers have flocked to this state park which is one of the few remaining places in the U.S. that you can freely drive on sand dunes.

One thing the guys who frequent Silver Lake love to do is jump the dunes. Here in this video from Dune TV, Mike Higgins accomplishes the farthest jump ever at Silver Lake, flying 180 feet in his Ford Raptor. The landing is a bit rough since, as you can see above, the car turns at just about a 90-degree angle to the sand before coming to a rest. Mike’s truck was a bit worse for wear, but he was pretty happy with the result.

Editor’s Note: Around a minute in, there’s a bit of “Not Safe For Work” language as the crowd congratulates Mike. Footage of the actual jump is well before it though in case you’d like to tune out before.

[youtube q-Q51uuejuw nolink]