The effects of E15 on small gas engines (GIE+Expo)

Kris KiserKris Kiser

We’re live this week from GIE+Expo in Louisville, Kentucky and had a chance to hear comments from Outdoor Power Equipment Institute President and CEO Kris Kiser on the negative effects of E15 gasoline (gas with 15 percent ethanol) in small gas engines.

“E15 is now being sold in Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin,” Kiser said. “E15 should not be used in any of our products; it will destroy them.”

OPEI sued to remove E15 from the marketplace because it can cause “catastrophic” damage to small engines. As it stands, the government currently requires a label to be placed on pumps with E15 to warn customers not to fuel small engines with it.

That lawsuit, as Kiser explains in the video, has been denied by the court “on a procedural matter.”

If you’d like more information on the effects of E15, our sister publication Total Landscape Care conducted a lengthier interview with Kiser earlier this year. It’s embedded just below the first video.

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