Brokk Showcases New Attachments for its Demolition Robots at Bauma

Brokk Surface Grinder 530
Brokk Surface Grinder 530

Brokk introduced three new products at the recent Bauma: the Brokk Grapple Saw 15 (BGS 15), the Brokk Surface Grinder 530 (BSG 530), and My Brokk, an online support platform.

Brokk Grapple Saw 15Brokk Grapple Saw 15BrokkThe BGS 15 is both a grapple and a cold cutting saw, allowing users to grab, cut and sort material without changing attachments. The saw can cut metal pipes up to 7.87 inches in diameter and has a 220-pound load capacity. It is compatible with the Brokk 110, 170 and 200 demolition robots. The company says the BGS 15 cuts both fixed material and loose scrap without creating sparks that pose a fire risk.

The BSG 530 can strip plaster, contaminated materials, tile adhesive and paint off walls, ceilings and floors, keeping workers a safe distance from hazardous materials and dust. The grinder removes material through constant contact and high pressure on the surface, Brokk says, leading to more consistent removal than handheld grinding tools. The BSG 530 is designed for the following Brokk demolition robots: Brokk 170, 200 and 300. The attachment can also be used for surface preparation and polishing through the addition of different tools.

My Brokk online customer portalBrokkThe new My Brokk portal combines multiple Brokk services in a single resource: Brokk Connect, a document library and a Webshop for ordering parts and accessories. Using Brokk Connect, Brokk’s robot and fleet management system, customers can monitor and manage their machines. The document library gives owners online access to current equipment manuals, technical data, CE markings and diagrams. And for the first time, Brokk customers can view and order Brokk original spare parts and attachments online in the Webshop.

“Bauma offers the ideal opportunity to showcase our innovative new products that offer increased versatility, productivity and safety for our customers,” said Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group. “Our equipment is revolutionizing the way contractors work, helping them address the worldwide challenges of labor shortages and safety concerns at a period where global infrastructure is in need of tremendous repair. Our solutions not only help crews maximize their efficiency with minimal labor, they also enable better fleet management, machine uptime and enhanced safety in any application.”

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Bauma was also the first time Brokk publicly displayed its most popular demolition robot, the Brokk 900, which was introduced in 2021.