Cat Electrifies Its Largest Dozer, the D11 XE

Cat D11 XE
Cat D11 XE's electric drivetrain has 60% fewer parts and results in 20% more engine life between rebuilds.

Fewer moving parts generally mean lower maintenance costs and longer life. Combine that with the power efficiency of electric drive on a D11 size dozer moving hundreds of tons of material a day, now you’re talking real savings.

That’s the program Caterpillar is developing behind its newest dozer, the D11 XE shown at MINExpo this year. The D11 XE is currently operating at Caterpillar’s dozer proving grounds in Peoria, Illinois, and will complete an extensive field validation plan before entering full production.

According to the company,  it delivers the lowest cost per bank cubic meter in dozing operations and 25% better fuel efficiency. As for maintenance, the electric-drive technology results in a 20% increase in time between engine rebuilds, while 60% fewer moving parts translates to more machine uptime.  

Tapping into Cat’s 20 years of experience with electric drives, the D11 XE dozer’s system delivers constant power to the ground, continuous pushing and greater maneuverability for faster cycle times and improved fuel efficiency.

Although the D11 XE is a new design, the machine shares some components with Cat’s mechanical-drive models. That similarity means mechanics are already familiar with many of the dozer’s systems, and owners have fewer parts to stock.  

The new dozer’s modular design simplifies maintenance through improved serviceability of the powertrain. Fewer moving parts alsomean less wrenching required to maintain the dozer and lower service costs.

Also new with this dozer is the integration of powertrain, electronics and software controls which facilitate the use of Cat technologies such as MineStar Command for dozing with remote control or semi-autonomously.