Ditch Witch JT28 drill offers same footprint, more power than predecessor JT25

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Updated Apr 6, 2021
Ditch Witch JT28 directional drill
Ditch Witch

The new Ditch Witch JT28 directional drill maintains the footprint of its predecessor JT25 while providing more power, improving performance and requiring fewer maintenance checks, says the company. 

The JT28's rotational drive system has 4,200 foot-pounds of torque and 28,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, and is capable of installing projects up to 12 inches in diameter at lengths of up to 550 feet.

Powered by a 130-horsepower Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine, the drill can be used in a variety of jobsites, including pipe and cable, and water, gas and sewer line installation. 

Operators have a choice of single-handed or dual joysticks for more thrust, rotational control and minimum training time. An LCD display gives operators machine operational data and engine diagnostics. Open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the operator to provide additional visibility of the tool joint when making up and breaking out pipes.

One ground-level location gives operators easy-to-access grouped daily maintenance points; there are no daily grease zerks. 

The machine has a narrow operational width, giving users additional maneuverability in tighter spaces. 

The JT28 is positioned between the company's 24,000-pound-pullback JT24 drill and its 30,000-pound-pullback JT30 model.

Ditch Witch JT28 directional drill specs