Rototilt’s new rippers designed for frozen, hard ground conditions

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Updated May 21, 2019

Rototilt Ripper

Rototilt has launched new ripper attachments to help excavator operators break through hard or frozen ground.

The S60 and S70 rippers are designed for maximum breakout force. Their front, rear and sides are made of wear-resistant HB450 steel.

Rototilt reinforced the attachment frame to withstand high breakout torque. The company says it also made the rippers’ wear parts easy to replace.

The rippers fit the company’s machine couplers with corresponding model numbers.

The Ripper S60 is for excavators weighing between 26,455 and 48,800 pounds and fits the S60 coupler. The ripper weighs 739 pounds and uses a J350 tooth system.

The Ripper S70 is for excavators weighing 39,685 to 70,550 pounds and fits the S70 coupler. The ripper weighs 1,221 pounds and uses a J460 tooth system.