New Daniel buckets designed for mini skid steers

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Updated Dec 15, 2018
Daniel Mfg.’s D1042SDaniel Mfg.’s D1042S

Daniel Manufacturing has introduced two new buckets for walk-behind skid steers.

The D1042S is a smooth-edge bucket, and the D1042T is a tooth-edged bucket with eight replaceable teeth.

The company describes them as heavy-duty general-purpose buckets for a variety of material handling tasks.

Both buckets are made of high-strength steel plate construction and have a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet. They have cutting edges of 3/4-inch by 6 inches. They are 42 inches wide, 19 inches high and 29 inches long. Shipping weight is 250 pounds.

Daniel’s D1042TDaniel’s D1042T