Chemtek’s new NeSilex mixes with spray systems to reduce silica dust

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Updated Aug 22, 2018

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Chemtek has introduced NeSilex, a surfactant to be added to water spray systems during milling and other dust-producing operations to reduce worker exposure to airborne crystalline silica.

55 Drum Ne Silex WebThe surfactant is a highly concentrated wetting agent that lowers the surface tension of water so it can better saturate dust particles and cause them to drop to the ground, the company says.

NeSilex is designed to help construction companies meet OSHA regulations enacted in September to reduce silica dust on worksites. Silica causes the lung disease silicosis, lung cancer and other respiratory ailments, according to OSHA.

The company says the product is designed for water spray systems for milling, sweeping, crushing, mining, sawing, jackhammering, earthmoving and grading. The product saturates dust particles and causes them to attract to each other.

The product is mixed in with the machine’s water tank. The company says its high-dilution rate of 400 to 1 reduces the amount of water needed for dust suppression, which saves money and requires fewer tank refills.

“It also preserves milling bits by keeping them wetter, cooler and more lubricated,” the company says.

NeSilex in 275-gallon toteNeSilex in 275-gallon tote

NeSilex comes in the following container sizes: 275-gallon tote, 55-gallon drum and 5-gallon pail.

Chemtek says it did a soft launch of NeSilex in December and plans to unveil a full-scale product launch at World of Asphalt 2018, scheduled for March 6-8 in Houston.

“Initial testing has shown up to 100 percent reduction in respirable silica dust in certain construction activities,” Chemtek says. “Using NeSilex will ensure that contractors meet OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 Table 1 guidelines for exemption of employee exposure assessment for certain construction activities.”