Terex unveils A330, A650 augers, Optima aerial devices

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Updated Oct 17, 2017

Terex was out in full force at ICUEE 2017, launching redesigned A330 and A650 auger drills and its Optima Series of aerial devices.

Terex’s A650 Auger DrillTerex’s A650 Auger Drill

Auger drills

The redesigned A330 and A650 come with hydrostatic drive transmissions, and they also can be operated by remote control, says company Director of Marketing Joe Caywood.

The drills have several automated features, including auto brake release, inner-Kelly retract stop, inner-Kelly slack stop, home position and dig depth. A “return to center” feature allows the drill to automatically return to the previous drill position, which keeps the hole at the proper vertical position and diameter throughout the dig, the company says.

Telematics are optional so owners and fleet managers can keep up with the machine’s operations by mobile phone or computer.

Terex’s Optima Series aerial devicesTerex’s Optima Series aerial devices

Optima Series

Caywood says Terex’s new Optima Series of aerial devices is built on the Hi-Ranger foundation, with higher payload, faster boom speeds, and enhanced side reach and ground access.

The Optima TCX and HRX are made of a higher strength steel that reduces the machines’ weight so they can offer up to 1,000 more pounds of vehicle payload capacity, according to the company. They also boast standard 700-pound platform capacity, with an optional 800-pound capacity platform.

The devices also have 3 more feet of side reach. A load alert system that monitors the jib and basket capacity for safety is optional. An indicator light alerts the operator when the boom moves into the extended reach area.

The devices’ leveling chain now has a 10-year life, the company says. And technicians have easier access to torque lower rotation bearing bolts, which are now on the outside of the pedestal.


Optima specs

Model     Working height      Side Reach   Platform capacity   Jib capacity

TC50                55 feet                        39.3 feet         700 pounds                 2,000 pounds

TC55                60 feet                        42.8 feet         700 pounds                 2,000 pounds

TCX50             55 feet                        39.3 feet         800 pounds                 2,000 pounds

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TCX55             60 feet                        42.8 feet         800 pounds                 2,000 pounds

TCX60             65 feet                        46.4 feet         800 pounds                 2,000 pounds

HR46               51 feet                        40.4 feet         700 pounds                  2,000 pounds

HR50               55 feet                        43.2 feet         700 pounds                  2,000 pounds

HR55               60 feet                        48.2 feet         700 pounds                  2,000 pounds

HRX50             55 feet                       43.2 feet         800 pounds                  2,000 pounds

HRX55             60 feet                       48.2 feet         800 pounds                  2,000 pounds

HRX60             65 feet                       53.2 feet         800 pounds                  2,000 pounds