John Deere 30G compact excavator boosts bucket force 22%

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Updated Jun 28, 2020
Deere’s new 30G compact excavator adds more bucket force and arm force than its predecessor.Deere’s new 30G compact excavator adds more bucket force and arm force than its predecessor.

Compared to the 27D, John Deere‘s new 30G compact excavator has 22 percent more bucket force, 11 percent more arm force and a 16 percent increase in auxiliary hydraulic flow. In addition, the dig depth on the 30G is 8 inches more than the predecessor machine. The machine is the latest in the company’s G-Series lineup.

The 30G uses 27D and 26G buckets and attachments and many components common to the 35G. It is equipped with G-Series features such as mechanical pattern changers, quick couplers and proportional auxiliary hydraulics plumbed to the end of the boom. A manual wedge-style quick coupler helps you quickly change attachments.

The redesigned available enclosed cab has heating and air conditioning and a new suspension seat with wrist wrests. The foldable travel pedals are positioned to provide more foot room and low-effort pilot controls.

The 30G comes with other G-Series features designed to reduce maintenance time. A third service door provides improved access to the cooling core and other daily checkpoints. Cores are positioned side-by-side for easier access. It also features extended fluid and lubrication intervals and sight gauges. The absence of aftertreatment to meet emissions regulations provides continued operation without interruption.