PHOTOS: All the heavy equipment on display at the 2017 Rental Show

Updated Mar 3, 2017

The Rental Show for 2017 featured displays of equipment aimed at the rental market, with the goal of “closing sales”, as the event is considered a buying show. The buzz on the show floor was positive, with many manufacturers reporting a good level of order signings.

Check out the photos below for an overview of the equipment displayed on the show floor at the event.

Dscf4273 Dscf4276 Dscf4277 Dscf4278 Dscf4279 Dscf4280 Dscf4281 Dscf4282 Dscf4283 Dscf4284 Dscf4285 Dscf4286 Dscf4287 Dscf4288 Dscf4289 Dscf4290Dscf4274Dscf4275Dscf4291 Dscf4292 Dscf4293 Dscf4294 Dscf4295 Dscf4296 Dscf4297 Dscf4298 Dscf4299 Dscf4300Dscf4301 Dscf4302 Dscf4303 Dscf4304 Dscf4305 Dscf4306 Dscf4307 Dscf4308 Dscf4309 Dscf4310Dscf4311 Dscf4312 Dscf4313 Dscf4314 Dscf4315 Dscf4316 Dscf4317 Dscf4318 Dscf4319 Dscf4320Dscf4321 Dscf4322 Dscf4323 Dscf4324 Dscf4325 Dscf4326 Dscf4327 Dscf4328 Dscf4329 Dscf4330Dscf4331 Dscf4332 Dscf4333 Dscf4334 Dscf4335 Dscf4336 Dscf4337