Case CE’s new line of snow pushers adapt to terrain to grab more snow

Updated Aug 25, 2016

New CASE Sectional Snow PusherCase Construction equipment has launched a new six-model lineup of sectional snow pushers the company says are designed to save operators time with each pass.

The pushers feature a Hardox 450 steel cutting edge with a design composed of moldboard sections that move independently, allowing each one to move up and down in response to uneven pavement or obstacles. Case says the design saves on time and salt use by allowing each pusher to remove more snow on the first pass than traditional pushers and snowplows.

The design also allows the leading edge of the pusher to “trip” over obstacles, which helps prevent equipment damage and can help reduce instances of property damage as well. And if a section of the pusher itself is damaged it can be replaced rather than having to replace the whole attachment.

Case is offering the new pushers in light-duty models up to 13 feet wide designed for backhoes, skid steers and compact track loaders. The heavy-duty models go up to 17 feet wide and are designed for full-sized wheel loaders.

The pushers are compatible with current and older Case equipment and machines made by competing brands.