Caterpillar launches AP500/555F, AP300/355F pavers with new screed heating system, flexible consoles

Updated Mar 30, 2016

Along with new cold planers and a new roller, Caterpillar unveiled last week at the World of Asphalt show two new pavers with wheeled and rubber-track versions of each model.


The AP500F, accompanied by its rubber track version the AP555F, is the larger of the two models. It’s powered by a Tier 4 Final Cat C4.4 ACERT engine rated at 144 horsepower. The machine features an ECO mode which tailors engine speed to the demands of high loads or when added cooling is required.

The paver also features a new screed-heating system which is powered by an integrated generator. Developed by the same engineers behind the D7E electric-drive dozer this generator brings the screed to its proper temperature in about 15 minutes through a direct connection with the machine’s engine. This increases fuel savings since the previous generation of the machine need 30-45 minutes to heat the screed.

Caterpillar AP500F paver consoleOperators will find new color touchscreen displays alongside switches for frequently used functions on the AP500F machines. The addition of the touchscreen makes the operating consoles more versatile and customizable as crews which prefer fewer options can leave the console be while those that prefer access to more controls can get to those through touchscreen menus.

Single switch controls operate the auto-fill feeder system, along with the transfer of propel and feeder-system settings between operating stations. Ratio control for the conveyors, as well as mix-height adjustment can be controlled from both the screed and the operator’s platform, Cat says. A pendant control for operating alongside the machine during operation is available.

Cat says the SE50 V and SE50 VT screeds are available for the AP500F machines:

The SE50 V and SE50 VT screeds are designed to enhance ride and mat qualities, while providing versatility in urban areas. The SE50 V is a vibratory-only model, and the SE50 VT provides both vibration and tamper-bar action. The SE50 V offers a maximum paving range of 6.5 m (21.3 ft.) and the SE50 VT provides widths to 8 m (26.3 ft.).


The AP300F and the rubber tracked AP355F are powered by the Cat C3.3B engine rated at 73.8 horsepower. Like the larger AP500F models, this mid-size paver features an ECO mode, auto-fill feeder system and single-touch feeder system activation along with customizable console complexity through the addition of color touchscreens and the new screed-heating system with integrated generator.

The AP300F machines also feature a warm-up/clean-out mode which operates the feeder system at a reduced speed for quicker wash-down. This feature also lifts the auger for easier transport.

Cat offers the SE34 V and SE34 VT screeds on these pavers:

The SE34V (vibration-only) or SE34 VT (vibration/tamper-bar) screed paves up to 4.0 m (13 ft. 1 in.) when fitted to the AP300F, and up to 4.6 m (15 ft. 1 in.) on the AP355F. A reduction attachment narrows paving width to 700 mm (27.5 in.)—ideal for trench work.