Vacuworx’s new H models bring hydraulic power, fuel savings to lifting systems

Updated Feb 26, 2016
The Vacuworx RC 10H is one of the company’s new hydraulically-driven vacuum lifter systems.The Vacuworx RC 10H is one of the company’s new hydraulically-driven vacuum lifter systems.

Vacuworx has made a big change to its lineup of vacuum lifting systems the company says will save its customers some serious change in return.

With its new H models, introduced at the World of Concrete show earlier this month, Vacuworx vacuum lifters now driven by hydraulic power rather than a separate diesel power source. “It’s tied directly into the hydraulics of the excavator,” says Vacuworx’s Randy Hayes. The change should generate an estimated $10,000 in fuel savings per year, Hayes said.

The change won’t cost customers anymore up front either, Hayes said, with no increase in price to the MC 5 and RC Series systems the H model is available for.

In addition to fuel savings, Hayes said the H models offer quick couplers, improved start up performance in cold weather and a lighter operating weight, allowing further reach and greater total lift capacities, over their diesel powered predecessors.

Here are the details on the new hydraulically driven MC 5H and RC Series H models:


  • 11,000-pounds of lift
  • Suited for lower weight specifications and smaller material sizes
  • Ideal for utility
  • Designed for use with compact host vehicles (Excavators, fork lifts backhoe wheel and track type loaders and excavators)

RC Series H Models

  • Lift capacity from 22,000 to 44,000 pounds
  • Suited for large diameter energy and infrastructure projects Any kind of pipe
  • Material handling at port facilities pipe mills and storage yards
  • Designed for use with large capacity host vehicles
HL B1 concrete barrier lifterHL B1 concrete barrier lifter

HL Series Hydraulic barrier lifters

Vacuworx also announced that it is bringing hydraulic power to its barrier lifter lineup with the new HL Series.

Unlike traditional methods of moving concrete road barriers, the Vacuworx system lifts and places barriers with a clamp like apparatus that eliminates the need for slings and chains while speeding up the process.

HL series lifters can accommodate barriers up to 30 feet long and 16,000 pounds and features elastomer grips for full surface contact as well as 360-degree rotation of the barrier.