Caterpillar intros 4 new F Series excavators to round out versatile machine lineup

Updated Feb 24, 2016
square Caterpillar 315F copy

Caterpillar today introduced four new F Series machines, completing its family of 11- to 90-ton tracked excavators.

The new machines include the 313F (which will complement the 313F GC introduced last year), the compact radius 315F, the 316F and 318F.


Caterpillar says the primary difference between the new standard F 313 and the GC model, is efficiency, noting that the 313F will do more work per unit of fuel. As we noted in our report on the GC model last year, the low-cost GC excavators are mainly aimed at those contractors who “don’t need smart pumps, hybrid hydraulic systems and smart booms.”

As are all four of these new F Series machines, the 313F is powered by a Cat C4.4 ACERT engine. The engine produces gross power of 100 horsepower on the 313. Full specs on each machine are listed below.

The cab, like those the other three machines, includes an LCD monitor, ample storage and power, automatic climate control and customizable control sticks.


This compact radius excavator is designed for work in confined spaces. It has a front swing radius of 7 feet, 5 inches and a tail swing radius of 5 ft., allowing it to work in a space of 12 ft., 5 in.

Cat says when the machine is rotated 90 degrees and working over the side, only 5 in. of counterweight extends beyond the track width. And thanks to the added stability of the 315’s boom positioning toward the center of the machine, it supports more lift capacity over the front.

A negative flow control hydraulic system, Cat says, allows the machine to provide the feel and response of an open center valve system with the efficiency of a closed center valve system. “The net result is the pump and valve operate in harmony with less energy and less wear and tear.”


Brian Abbott, worldwide product manager for Caterpillar’s small excavator platform, says the 316F is “a nice-size machine for customers who move from job to job every day,” said Abbott. “A coupler lets you change attachments quickly, and a wide range of Cat buckets let you dig everything from top soil to harsh, abrasive material to doing ditch cleaning and fine grading. Add a multi-processor or shear attachment to take on demolition jobs. Add a thumb and a rake and you have the ability to move all kinds of debris quickly and efficiently.”


Cat says the 318F burns the same amount of fuel as a 16-ton machine while delivering the breakout force, production and larger bucket options of an 18-ton machine. “Customers who move frequently from job to job will prefer a 318 versus a 320 due to its being easier to transport,” said Abbott.

Unlike the three smaller machines, the 318F features two power modes: high and economy.

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