Cat 432D backhoe becomes massive, remote-control chainsaw with Dazzini’s QST3000D (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Updated Oct 22, 2015

While there aren’t a whole lot of construction applications for it, we’re pretty sure guys and gals in demo work and forestry would love nothing more than to try running a Cat backhoe toting a giant chain saw.

Dazzini, the Italian company that makes this attachment, specializes in cutting tools, specifically those for quarrying applications capable of slicing through marble. According to their website, the QST3000D was designed for use with a Cat 432D and the company says they were assisted by Cat technicians during development in order to optimize the backhoe’s hydraulics to power such a huge attachment.

Just about everything can be controlled from inside the cab, including the position of the blade and the incline of the cut thanks to the backhoe’s stabilizers. And while plenty of quarry workers will appreciate being able to cut stone from inside the cab, Dazzini also offers a remote control for the attachment for cutting from a particular point of view.

Don’t miss the videos of this monster in action below.