Drunk guy wanders onto jobsite, is subdued by workers after trying to operate a backhoe

Updated Jun 26, 2015

Backhoe genericAs if workers don’t have enough to worry about while trying to get their work done on a busy jobsite, a crew in Wisconsin had to wrestle down a drunk man who decided to take a backhoe for a spin last week.

According to a report from WBAY TV, a drunk, 58-year-old man wandered onto a Sturgeon Bay jobsite and attempted to operate a backhoe June 17.

When workers noticed what was going on, they were able to coax the man out of the machine. But once he was out, the man tried to escape, running directly for an open trench.

The crew was able to prevent the man from breaking his neck, wrestling him to the ground before he reached the trench and restraining him until police arrived. He’s expected to be charged with disorderly conduct.