Kohler says its biggest diesel yet, the KDI 3404, is “Tier 5-ready”

Updated Apr 21, 2015

Kohler KDI 3404 dieselWith flashing lights, dry ice smoke and a live string quartet rocking in the background (it is Europe after all) Kohler introduced its biggest yet diesel engine. The KDI 3404 engine was shown for the first time in Europe, at Intermat in Paris this afternoon.

Perhaps the most unique thing about the new mill is its all-in-one emissions hardware.

Here the company has packaged the selective catalytic reduction module and the diesel oxidation catalyst in one canister with room left over for a DPF, when that becomes necessary to meet the Tier 5 emissions standards in a few years.

Kohler is calling the KDI 3404 “Stage V Ready,” using the European term (Stage V).

The current configuration of the 3404 doesn’t need a DPF to meet emissions regulations. When that day comes, probably around 2020, all Kohler will have to do to upgrade the line to Tier 5/Stage V is replace the DOC/SCR canister with a same-size DOC/DPF/SCR canister. This will make it easy for OEMs to incorporate the 2020 year model engines without having to reconfigure sheetmetal or engine bay layouts to make room for new hardware.

The 3404 has all the choice components you need in a strong, compact, emissions compliant engine: four valves per cylinder, single stage turbo, high pressure common rail, solenoid injectors, and an electronically-controlled EGR valve that is liquid cooled by a water/air heat exchanger. Mechanical versions are available in countries with less strict emissions regulations.

For applications where auxiliary power is needed, two power take offs (PTO) (SAE A and SAE B) are designed to simplify integration with the hydraulic system and keep the engine footprint as small as possible.

What the company calls “bedplate” architecture on the crankcase and sub-crankcase) stiffen engine and resist twist and movement in the block. Counter-rotating crankshafts reduce noise and vibration.

The new engine punches out 134 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and 369 foot-pounds of torque at 1,400 rpm. There are three additional versions of the engine with ratings of 120, 100 and 73 horsepower as well. The 73 horsepower version is the only one that does not use SCR as an emissions strategy. It only needs the DOC.

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The company’s KDI range now includes a full suite of engine displacement sizes from 1.9 to 2.5 liter and now the 3.4 liter KDI 3404.